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Cisco Certified Network Professional (Routing & Switching) Training

All of our exams for Validating Knowledge certification for CCNP are composed by our own professional writers who ensure that every word that is included in the training material is authentic and understandable easily. The biggest advantage of the training material here at Actual Exams is that we apply frequent updates to our material and by that your knowledge remains the latest and you can take an exam, anytime you want. Having real exam questions to prepare with and a regularly updated material, gives you competitive advantage over other candidates and there is no chance that you miss out on anything. A lot of candidates have passed their CCNP exams with us and you can check their feedback at the bottom. We have priced our training material very reasonably so that everyone who wants to go for any exam can buy them and same is true for CCNP. We also offer special discounts if you are looking to buy more than one copy and in case you are not able to pass, you can get that sum of money back from us that you paid. In the normal course of business, very few candidates feel the need to claim the guarantee policy as we have over 98% passing ratio for this certification exam. Our core product is the test engine we offer with questions and answers for Validating Knowledge for certification for CCNP, these are the real exam questions and they help you a lot in your exam. We have mentioned everything clearly on the web site for your sake, even now if you don’t understand something or there is a confusion, please e-mail, we reply ASAP.

CCNP Certification Training Exams


Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)

Last Updated: May 25, 2015
Total Questions: 195


Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Switched Networks (TSHOOT)

Last Updated: May 25, 2015
Total Questions: 57


Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)

Last Updated: May 14, 2015
Total Questions: 375

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Actual exams is without a doubt one of the best possible sites I have seen  

I remember during my CCNP exam prep, I faced a lot of problems in understanding the material and content of CCNP press book. After I was completely done reading the book, I moved on to solving the questions. I wanted to solve the question from actual exams CCNP questions and answers kit. When I began solving it, seriously speaking, I could not solve even a single question. May be it was because I did not comprehend the subject properly. If I have not understood the topics then how could I move on? The only best way to solve all these challenging questions is by having a complete basic knowledge of the subject. As I had no prior knowledge of the subject, it was becoming difficult to solve the questions. So I decided that I would start studying for CCNP from scratch using actual exams CCNP study guide. As little time was left, I made sure I rush through the chapters. I really wanted to get through the study guide so that I could start the questions and answers. After finishing this study guide I was easily able to solve all the questions and I really feel relaxed that now I am on the right path. I am sure I will be able to clear CCNP exam on the first attempt. Actual exams is seriously one of the best sites I have ever come across. You guys rock. Regards Nancy James

Actual exams is truly a wonderful website  

I remember the day when I achieved CCNP certification. I was feeling on top of this world. Never in my wildest thoughts had I imagined that CCNP would turn out to be such an amazingly great product. AT first I did not even care to buy the study guide because I thought it would not be much of a help to me. Instead I chose the press book which was the worst book I had ever got. This book really did not help me in my aim and I lost all hope in myself. I used to feel very strongly that I made a big mistake and that I should have bought actual exams CCNP study guide instead. Buying this study guide would have saved my time and even my money that I have wasted on the press book. Actual exams is one of those famous sites that is known for its incredible products. I bought the study guide and I seriously regret for not buying it before. This study guide is a complete package that contains theory as well as relevant questions and answers. It is up to you. You can either choose to buy the questions and answers kit or solve the questions from the study guide. I think it is better to buy the questions kit along with the study guide. This way you will be able to solve as many questions as you want. Study guide contains limited number of questions for each chapter. Actual exams definitely rock. Regards Diana Hayden

Actual exams is undoubtedly one of the most amazing sites I have ever seen  

It is actual exams CCNP study guide got its way through the market. Yes in the entire IT certification tool market, actual exams CCNP study guide is regarded as the best. People are buying CCNP testing engine but this testing engine is the later part. To build your basics and knowledge, you need the study guide first and then you can move on to actual exams CCNP testing engine. This testing engine is known for its high quality features and challenging questions. This testing engine contains many questions that you can also find in the questions and answers kit but this testing engine is a completely different thing. You learn to solve questions under a certain time limit. If your time is up then you can not solve questions anymore. So this way you learn a lot in life. I believe that there is nothing like actual exams. This is by far the only authentic site which produces remarkable products. I am a true believer in actual exams study materials because this site has let me learn a great deal of new stuff. Study guide contains latest knowledge that you would only be able to find on internet through thorough research. So do you think you would fail in CCNP if you apply this latest knowledge? Of course you would not! Actual exams rock. Regards from Jenny Shine

Actual exams is one of the best places to shop for CCNP study materials  

I bought actual exams CCNP study guide for my CCNP exam prep. I placed an order for the online version thinking that I would get a print out of it. However the printing thing was disabled and that really made me sad. I can not sit on computer and study for long. In order to study well I need a book and my writing table, away from computer. I called the customer care operators of actual exams and asked for some remedy. They said that I could get the hard copy version too buy I would have to pay the delivery charges. I agreed to it. I had to place an order again and this time paid delivery charges. The online study guide was removed from my member's area and for two days I could not study. Thank goodness the study guide got delivered in two days because majority of companies deliver you your exam tools in a week or so. I immediately started preparing and thank goodness I was able to finish the course well before time. I am now a CCNP certified and it is all because of actual exams. This site seriously helped me a bunch and it is this site that I will always rely on even in future. Actual exams definitely rock. Regards from the one and only Jenifer Lopez

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